Michael Schenker Manchester Ritz 13 Dec 2014

Michael Schenker Manchester Ritz 13 Dec 2014


By Tony Charles rockbandomradio.com

Mr Schenkers problems have been well documented in the past, but they have been left behind him many years ago and hes been back on the top of his game for some time. In 2008 he discided to get back on the road and form Temple Of Rock
and its just as well, because his found a new lease of life!!

Having seen Michael Schenker some months ago at the same venue, I wondered he and his band could still pull it off?

Starting at 8pm, probably because of The Who playing less than a mile away, didnt want everybody leaving the city at the same time!! It was no matter that The Who were performing down the road as this gig was almost a sell out and lets face it, one cant really compare Michael Schenker and Pete Townsend, can one?

Kicking off with a classic UFO track Dr- Dr, it set the pace for the night. Michael Schenker has huge catalog of songs to dig into from Scorpions, MSG and the afore mentioned UFO, along with his new stuff. We were treated to some real classics, Rock You Like Hurricane, Lights Out, Aimed and Ready and plethora of rock spaning over 30 years.

So all in all was a great night and highly recommended , go to Michael Schenker website for venues he playing for the rest of this year

Michael Schenker Manchester Ritz 13 Dec 2014
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