Memories of 2morrow

Memories of 2morrow



Great hard rock alternative grunge band and we mean great has that heavy feel that rumbles through you as you listen accompanied by the lead singers deep gruff voice these guys make one assume band. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically superb and the music is sheer rock.


We are a four piece band out of the Chattanooga area and have been making a solid showing on the music scene for the past four years. Playing over 30 shows in 2014 at venues such as the Masquerade, The Vinyl, Sky Zoo, Ziggy’s and many more. When you book us it is sure to be an electric performance you won’t soon forget filled with covers of songs we all know and love as well as the original sounds and strong lyrics of the band we have become…. We are Memories of 2Morrow!

Memories of 2morrow
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