He began his career when he was only ten years old, started performing live, writing and recording in studios when he was a kid, at the same age he released his first album “Just Songs” and his music has traveled the world getting radio airplay and sharing his extraordinary talent all around the globe including the United States, UK, Switzerland, France, Russia, Germany, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada and Mexico among others.

It’s the indie music star MAURO. This amazing young tenor singer songwriter music producer performer left handed musician is the artist to watch. An artist with the music, the voice, the image and the talent.

Born in Bolivia. MAURO is an autodidact musician with brilliant years in songwriting and uncountable compositions; he has released more than five albums independently including: album “Living With Music” (singles: “Are you for me or not?”, “Raining On Me”, “Breakaway”, “You’ll Be Mine Forever”); album “The Human Pain” (singles: “The Rain That Never Ends”, “Where?”), album “Nobody’s Home” (singles: “Nobody’s Home”, “Something New”, “Mine”) and these music styles go from Pop, Rock, Experimental, Indie, Soul to Dance, Electro and original artistic incursions giving us various flavours of sound very representative to MAURO’s artistic essence.

MAURO is a chart topper has reached #1 spots on radio stations, talent platforms and audiences from all over the world, his fans say his music is a beat within their hearts. MAURO fans say his songs are heartwarming and beautiful. He simply describes his art as versatile, eclectic and heartfelt.

The latest releases of his own genre called MAURO MUSIC are represented by smash hits like the dance bomb “Dance With Me” that makes everybody dance and draws a big fat smile on your face, the sweet but mysterious “Beauty Of Your Soul” reminding us to look inside ourselves and the passionate yet touching “Making Love 2 U” which is about giving love in times of despair, beautiful songs with a depth to them.

MAURO is a unique singer songwriter with a wide variety of compositions he’s got to his name. He’s been writing music and performing live since he was a kid. His songwriting skills and original vocal style make him the successful artist he is today.

These days he is celebrating a wonderful career and journey of fourteen years so far.
Even though he is unsigned, MAURO is a “Dubstep Heart”, a heart that defies adversity and keeps throbbing.
Dedicated to all the broken brave hearts out there; “Dubstep Heart” is MAURO’s hot forthcoming release and it will be available in April here:

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