Matthew Lee

Matthew Lee



Super fantastic instrumentalist playing a variety of different instruments from a young age theirs no stopping this young mans talent and his guitar playing is amazing.


Matthew Lee is a multi instrumentalist. He played the piano at 5 years old, drums at 13, guitar and violin at 17. Electric guitar was is favourite. He played instrumental rock songs by satriani, addy cradle, eric johnson, etc. During his multimedia studies, he learnt about audio engineering. With that knowledge, he produced 2 albums so far. Matthew has also played music at many venues. He played keyboard with a band called Quasimodo at the Esplanade waterfront in Singapore. As for guitar, he played at various venues in Singapore, UK and also in a few cities in India. His latest album is Strawberry Vanilla, an instrumental rock album. About my album Strawberry vanilla Strawberry Vanilla is an album that describes different emotions. Happy, sad and angry. Since there are not much happy kind of instrumental guitar music around I decided to write more happy music and also it’s a style that I really like. This album also has different genre’s of music like rock , metal, dance and a fusion between classical and modern music. Unlike other kinds of instrumental rock album, this doesn’t have a lot of focus on speed and technical stuff, instead it focus on more melodic ideas. I hope this album can cheer you people up and make life happier.

Matthew Lee
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