Matthew Harris

Matthew Harris



We found this guy on our Facebook as hes friends with another band called Unhallowed and they posted up one of his videos. Well all we can say is glad they did because this young lad is sheer talent. Starting at a young age playing the guitar it led on to Mathew’s path in singing and songwriting and boy can he sing. His songs are very mellow with that fantastic alternative rock/folk/country feel and you can tell there plucked from both his heart strings and his life’s stories. Vocally superb. Lyrically fantastic and the music is just heavenly.

This is one guy that you should certainly check out, we see Mathew going places.



Matthew is a singer\songwriter from the norfolk country side, he’s been playing guitar since the age of six, and started to sing and write his own songs when he left high school, he creates blends of mellow but driven guitar and writes his lyrics about things that he feels in every day life”

Matthew Harris
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