Mark Clanton

Mark Clanton



Talented singer/songwriter producing some great songs indeed. Lyrically great, Vocally superb and the music is just as good.


Having been born and raised in Dallas, TX till the age of 12, then moving to Bethesda, MD I was labeled as the new kid in middle school. To try and fit in, I joined the school choir as something to do. I found a passion with music and singing, although I was not very good at it at the time. After middle school, I moved down to Austin, TX where I was again the new kid on the block. I joined choir along with playing football and running track. Singing became a passion of mine through the 4 years, yet I never picked up the pen to write anything, I didn’t like writing. Along with sports and music, I found time to apply to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD. I was accepted into the navy after graduating high school, where I was then station in Newport, RI at the Naval Academy Preparatory school for a year. During that time I bought an acoustic guitar. Nothing fancy, but just started practicing and playing with chords to pass the time. After a year I was accepted to the Naval Academy and started with 6 weeks of indoctrination training. During that time, choir and singing helped me get through the bad moments. During my freshman year, I joined a radio/DJ club where I then began to practice my guitar more and learned to produce my own music. The summer after my freshman year, I came back down to Austin for 2 months where I then began playing around 2-3 open mikes a night throughout the city. If I wasn’t on stage, I was on the street playing for random people for hours on end. Over the course of my 2 month vacation, I had played almost 100 open mike gigs. As I proceeded to move into my sophomore year at the Academy, along with the academic, physical and military challenges the school put on me, I also spent around 8+ hours on the weekend working on recording, producing and practicing new music to perform. As I go into my junior year at the Academy, I am starting to branch out where I’m playing, from Annapolis, to Baltimore, and to D.C. playing gigs at bars, clubs, or even the streets on the weekends. I‘ve played for crowds ranging from 2 to 2,000 people. No matter how big or small the number may be I approach every gig with the purpose of exciting every single person in the room.


Mark Clanton
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