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Fantastic heavy rock band. Keeping it old school yet bringing a modern day rock sound is a hard thing to do but these guys seem to have pulled it off and done so extremely well. Sounding like some of the old time greats such as Zeppelin, White Snake, AC/DC etc there is no stopping them, loads of high powered riffs and belting metal/rock vocals, these guys are sure to please. Vocally Supreme, Lyrically Superb and the music kick ass big time.


Magic Trik are a four-piece unsigned rock band based in Glasgow, Scotland, influenced by bands such as Led Zeppelin, Guns N’ Roses and AC/DC, They have also recorded their debut EP, “By the Stone”, and single, “Stray Dog”, which are available on iTunes, Google Play, YouTube and Soundcloud.

The band’s live shows are filled with energy, and are what Magic Trik is all about. It’s all about massive guitar, drums and bass, blistering energy, and rock n’ roll.

Having played alongside and supported various touring bands, the band have since embarked on a 6 date tour of the UK in the summer of 2015. Our musical approach is the same as the old school bands’ of the 70’s and 80’s: turn your amps up to 10, batter the drums, and play some loud music.

The band’s sound is very reminiscent of the music from that era, while retaining their originality. Their influences can still be heard in their music, however, whether it be Slash-like guitar solos, thundering Bonham drum fills, Glenn Hughes-style vocals or the full-sounding bass tones you hear from Led Zeppelin. Turn it up and rock out, that’s what you get when you listen to Magic Trik.





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Magic Trik
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