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Multi talented due not only for there great music in Genres such as pop/rock/country but also in their world recognition for songwriting. With many award winning chart topping songs to add to there portfolio there talent does not stop there, as you can tell by there music. Vocally excellent, Lyrically superb and the music is not only fantastic but spread across a whole spectrum of genres. Very nice indeed.


Marie Helen/Avet B.

Avet Barseghyan has already established himself as one of the best lyricists, radio hosts and television hosts from Armenia. Having written over 300 song lyrics. Avet is also a scriptwriter, a radio show creator as well as presenter. At such a young age his creativity, professionalism, and innovations have lead him to become a bon a fide star in the Armenian, Armenian American, and Eastern European market. He has had numerous recognitions and awards including “hit of the year” and “golden radio hit” awards. His lyrics and music have changed the lives of and become a tradition to the people of Armenia. From national anthems of the country and flag to pop songs and soap opera themes songs his music has become a part of the modern Armenian culture. His lyrics have also been entries in international song contests such as the “Eurovision song contest” and the “New Wave” song contest. He has also hosted the Junior Eurovision song contest in English, which took place in Armenia. He has had a career as a lyrists, radio host, and television personality for 10 years.

Marie Helen Abramyan
Born in Los Angels California, Marie Helen Abramyan has had an interest in creative writing from a very early age. Her musical training began with her uncle Ashot Abramyan who played first violin for the Utah Symphonic orchestra, and in whose honor the Abramyan String Quartet was founded. It was with him that she learned the basics of classical music. During this time in school her abilities to creatively write began to flourish. Marie Helen has been educated at the some of the best private all girl catholic schools in Los Angeles winning numerous poetry and lyric writing awards while still a student. Then it was under the instruction of Evelyn Simonian that Marie Helen began classic training in piano playing for over a decade. Evelyn having a Master’s in Music from the renowned music program at the University of Redland, and having directed and choreographed various musical and theatrical performances, further established Marie Helen’s love of the arts. Taking part in numerous television shows and music festivals playing classical piano pieces. It was also during this time in high school that she was trained in theater under actress Gigi Perreau. But it was in lyric writing that Marie Helen truly found her calling. Marie Helen has been writing lyrics since the age of 14. To better understand the need of the listener Marie Helen became very interested in psychology and sociology. Her hard work and diligence in college earned her numerous scholarships. Being on the honor roll or the dean’s list every year of her college schooling. Marie Helen showed so much potential in her work that he was awards the “dean’s award for most potential” among all the students in the school. After graduation she began to focus on her lyrics and music even more. Now with Avet Barseghyan she is writing for Armenian artists and bridging the gap between east and west.

Select Discography
Hit of the Year -Armenian National Music Awards
Avet Barseghyan. Your Name. Performed by Arsen Safaryan. 2004
Avet Barseghyan. One Love In One Life. Performed by Andre. 2005
Best Duet Song Armenian National Music Awards
Avet Barseghyan. Only You And Me. Nune Yesayan, Arame-2008

Radio Golden Hit Award
Avet Barseghyan. My love to You. Performed by Andre. 2004
Avet Barseghyan. In My Tears. Performed by Arame.2007
Hit of the Year- National Children’s Music Awards
Avet Barseghyan. “Play and Dance”-2011

Special Recognitions In Music
“Life Changer” Award Presented In the Name of Tigran Naghdalyan
Avet Barseghyan. Red,Blue,and Apricot color-(National Flag). 2006.
Avet Barseghyan. We and Our Mountains. Performers Inga and Anush Arshakyans. 2010
Armenian-American Hit Of The Year -2006
Arnenian Music Video Awards (AMVA)
Best Lyricist-2006

Soundtracks For Television Shows
“Anna”-Soap Opera Armenian Public T.V. Soundtrack
“The General’s Daughter” Soundtrack
“The Price Of Life” Soundtrack
New Wave Song Contest Armenian Song Entry Selection
Avet Barseghyan. My love to You. –Armenian Version. 2012

Eurovision Song Contest
Avet Barseghyan. Jan Jan [Armenia]
Various – Eurovision Song Contest Moscow 2009 EMI 2009

Other Special Recognitions
Best Radio Host-2003
Best Television Host- 2004
Radio Host
Hit F.M. Radio Channel Disc Jockey. 2002-2004
Public Radio Host- 2004-2012.

Special Radio Award
Hit Maker Award-2006
Host of Television Shows
“Armenian Public Television” Channel 2003-2008:
Morning Show
Musical Shows
Intellectual game show “Bonus”
“Shant T.V.” Channel 2009-2010
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. 2009-2012
Armenian Idol (Armenian Version of American Idol).

“Armenia T.V.” Channel-2010-2011
“Good Night Armenians” Late Night Show
“Good Morning Armenian” Morning Show
“Friend or Foe” Game Show Armenian Version
“Shant T.V.” Channel
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire –Armenian Version
Total Black Out- Armenian Version
Armenian Folk Music Idol
Judge on Television Contest Shoes
Armenian Idol (Armenian Version of American Idol).
My Name Is
Junior Eurovision Song Contest (TV Special)
Host (In English)-2011

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