Love Child is a dynamic rock band from Sydney, Australia – combining old school rock influences with a touch of blues, mashed with a modern attitude, served up in a bouquet of outstanding sound and performance to accolades nationwide.
Love Child strives to recreate classic rock sounds, combining both British (Zeppelin, Stones, Joe Cocker, Free, Bad Company) and American influences (Hendrix, Aerosmith, Black Crowes) infused with Motown and soul, adding an Australian blues edge to the mix. Its wild, it’s soulful, it’s got rock balls, and you can sing to it. More importantly, you can dance to it. Some may say it’s the ultimate combination of musical experience in a live platform. Others may just say Wow!
The band consists of;
Steve Hancock, Vocals/Harp – a seasoned singer performing regularly
Dennis Val, Guitars/Vocals/Songwriter –Sydney’s most in demand session player
Garry Daglish, Bass (Mr Motown)
James Pool, Drums – one of the busiest session drummers in town
Love Child is one of the hardest working bands in town – each member has multiple pedigrees in the music industry yet maintains their focus heavily on the Love Child circus and its ever growing army of fans. With consistent exposure to radio, community events, festivals, clubs and pubs, this band is bringing its rock (with an ounce of melancholic blues) to every nook and cranny of the country – and the punters love it!

Look at what the pros have to say:
Stuart Epps (Producer Led Zeppelin, Bad Company) – Great band, would love to produce this band, have a distinct sound but with a Bad Company flavour, fantastic!

Ian Moss (guitar/singer, member of Cold Chisel) – “Love the strat tones. Nice solo on ‘circus’.”
Pat Pattison ( Professor at Berklee College of Music, teacher to John Mayer) – “I’d Go Crazy is a fantastic well-crafted song!”
Harry Vanda (Easybeats, songwriter of Friday On My Mind, AC/DC Producer) – “Dirty Hands is a fantastic song.”
Peter Tindall (London DJ, currently playing Love Child’s CD on 38 stations through Europe) – “…distinct Aussie flavour, can’t put my finger on it as there are too many influences, Aussies have a way of adding unique guitar parts…this is classic front bar rock”.
Kathy Shreckengost Yeomans. (Producer of the Beach Show Florida USA) – “Love these guys and we play them all the time, Circus in Town was voted song of the day 3 times in Florida,…we never play music from outside our region, but we made this exception!”
John Prior (Matt Finish…producer/engineer at Unity Gain Studios Sydney) – “Love Child is a producer’s dream, great musicians playing real instruments with awesome sounds, inspiring vocals and outstanding songs; it was an absolute pleasure working with them.”
Current airplay includes England, USA , Ireland, Scotland, France, Denmark, Belgium, Norway, Germany, South Africa, Brazil and New Zealand.
Come run away with the circus, all types are welcome. Life will never be the same again.

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