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Loose Moorings



Superb rock blues band. With everything you would expect from good old blues rock these guys will not diasapoint at all. Sheer talent in both the songwriting and the music, one thing I like about them is rather than blues with rock there more rock with blues and every song depicts a story which pulls you in and keeps your ear drums transfixed for hours. Vocally superb, Lyrically supreme and the music is pure, honest, raw and passionate.


Will Pike and Roy Hudson
Song Writer: WILL PIKE
Started playing the guitar at 18, first gig at 20, first song started with a 4 bar solo, so in at the deep end !!
Playing with a core of friends, Wills band at the time added musicians,” we started out as a three piece and ended up a 6 piece “with musicians who either had a great past or as it turned out a professional musical future, “because I started playing at the end of my teens I have before and after influences but some of the guitarists who cover both are Paul Kossoff, Peter Green, Carlos Santana,, and David Gilmour”
After the first band finished five years on , Will joined another local band and started writing with Paul Cruickshank – Inns ( they formed the current THUDWAIL acoustic duo ) and used guitar synths as a major part of his sound. “I met Andy Summers and we had a conversation about guitar synths I think he had reservations but at the time I did not “.
Will teamed up with a local Studio producer, recorded an Album and did various gigs, and it was at one where he met his Wife.
Enjoying the recording side of music Will has his own studio in which he writes instrumentals.
Whilst not being in a band and spending time recording, his good friend Jim suggested going to the Jam night at his local Pub, it was on his second visit that Will met Roy, and the idea of a Blues Rock Band was suggested and so the partnership which became Loose Moorings was put in motion.

Born and raised in one of Whakatane’s poorest communities, Roy Hudson quickly learnt that money was not everything and that love, support and unity had a lot more value towards learning life’s crucial lessons in surviving it’s, hopefully, long journey.
As lead trumpet in the Tauranga Boys College Big Band Roy’s love for playing/reading/music flourished, earning him a piano tuning and repairing apprenticeship to which he finally graduated in Auckland.
As travelling was the ‘done’ thing to do in the 80’s, Roy decided to follow the Stars, (As in the Sun’s in the night sky kinda thang) and ended up in England at the tender age of 22. Roy took up blues harp when he reached England.
Roy found singing covers uninspiring and so began writing his own songs. He played his earlier years as a soloist, and then progressed to an acoustic duet called Hindsight with good friend Charlie Luffrum.
In 2010 Roy joined forces with Will Pike (Lead guitar) Jeffro Robertson (Drums/Percussion) and Byron Lewis (Bass) forming a fun Jam Band, it soon became apparent that it was more than a bit on the side as the original songs became more popular.
Combined with his now song writing partner Will Pike, they set about writing material for their first album. The 11 tracks for Loose Moorings first Album were laid down and completed in 19 hours, to keep the spontaneity and live feel associated with the band.

Review from 100 Club London
Opening Act: Loose Moorings

Loose Moorings was the first band on the stage, and what amazing power and energy this band put forth. There’s almost a bit more rock than blues in this band. Hard rocking blues guitars, great vocals that were growling at times, simply powerful tuneful at others. The best description of Loose Moorings, on this particular night at least, would be cross between The Cult and George Thorogood. They set the bar high to kick off the night with their blues-influenced, tear-the-roof-off-the-joint hard rock. Loose Moorings self-describes as “a black denim blues band that rocks!!” I can’t argue with that.

Winner of November 2015 Akademia Music Award


Loose Moorings
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