A purely brilliant 5 Piece female fronted band from Sydney, Australia. Now if you take Heart and Paramore mix them together with heavier rock sounds you get these guys but better, and we mean much better. Vocally supreme, lyrically outstanding and the music is just as good which all in all makes one hell of a cool rock band. Something we feel is needed more in today’s rock scene is more female fronted bands…



Sydney is a city with a hard rock heart, a town that has birthed heavy rocking bands that have stood up and taken on the world – AC/DC, Rose Tattoo, Divinyls, Wolfmother. Lillyè is a band in that loud and proud Australian tradition, a five-headed rock n roll animal ready to set the scene on fire.
Out front of this exciting new act is a singer with a voice that can move mountains, Virginia Lillye, the lady who gives the band its name. With a family background of musicians and entertainers, Virginia has performing in her blood. After years in Germany performing in stage productions and singing in rock bands, she returned to Australia in 2008. A stint with a funk band was followed by an appearance on The Voice, and that’s when Virginia set her sights back on the hard rock scene.
It wasn’t long before she had gathered a willing group of co-conspirators. Long-term partners in crime, bass player and studio owner Christian Lauria and guitarist Matt Ellis were aboard with a broad musical range who’ve played together in a series of bands and musical projects across the rock sphere. Matt is teamed with Andrew Lilley, a guitarist whose musical adventures have seen him play on stages across the US, South America and Japan with a variety of rock and metal acts over the course of more than a decade. Providing the rhythmic engine room for this riff factory is drummer Bennet Livingston who earned his stripes on the demanding cover scene and session circuit. For more than a year now, this diverse mix of talents have been honing their craft, generating a palpable chemistry that is more than just five people in a band: Lillyè is a rock force to be reckoned with.
Lillyè has already recorded their debut EP at Christian’s own Machine Men Studios, and now this heavy-hitting hard rock beast is ready to be unleashed onto audiences worldwide. Seething and soaring hyper-powered tunes with dynamic hook laden melodies delivered with an unbridled passion and skill, Lillyè is the pure essence of rock. Be prepared.

All of which is alchemically created in a clandestine laboratory with the combined powers of:

Virginia Lillye – vocals
Andrew Lilley – guitars
Matt Ellis – guitars
Christian Lauria – bass
Bennet Livingston – drums

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