Album Release: 5th November 2016

Multi-national Rock outfit KYROS featuring Adam Warne, Joey Frevola, Sam Higgins, Peter Episcopo and Robin Johnson are set to release their maxi-single entitled ‘Cloudburst’.


KYROS are not afraid to take song writing and musical experimentation to a whole new level by pushing the boundaries. Creating fresh, new and exciting music with influences ranging from eighties pop (e.g. Depeche Mode and Kat Bush) through to modern post-progressive and alternative rock music, such as Muse and Porcupine Tree.


Although only having existed for a few years, the group has already released a critically acclaimed debut album and a successful limited edition EP. The debut album featured artwork designed by Freyja Dean, the daughter of legendary album cover artist Roger Dean. KYROS has performed a number of impressive shows ranging from festival dates in UK, Germany and USA, to supporting high profile bands such as Marillion and Anathema, gaining positive reactions from within the press.


KYROS now present their independency by releasing a maxi single entitled ‘Cloudburst’, which is to be shortly followed by a double-album called ‘Vox Humana’. ‘Cloudburst’ demonstrates KYROS’ experimentation with a more pop-orientated sound whilst retaining their signature synthesisers, soaring melodies and strong hooks. This album will mark the band’s fourth overall release as well as being the band’s second official album release.


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