Komodo Wagon

Komodo Wagon



A very unique rock band indeed, with a mix of rock/punk/indie and a bit more there’s something for all tastes. Vocally great, Lyrically superb and the music is based on rock but you can here so many other styles, they really are a pleasure to listen to.


Beware of Big Riffs!!! KOMODO WAGON A Living, Breathing, Sweating, Beast of a Band! Not Metal, but the Metalheads might like it. Not Punk, but the Oi’s might dig it. Not Indie, but it’s fun to see the geeks Rock Out. Not Hardcore, cause they ain’t rich kids. Not Glam, cause nobody tops Ziggy. Not Grunge cause most of those guys are dead. Call us what you will, we’ll just ROCK! The band was started by Canadian Vocalist, Guitarist, Songwriter TROY PERLIC during his12 year tenure in Europe. Recording, Touring and generally “having a grand ol’ time”, Komodo Wagon has been reincarnated with Troy’s return to his native Vancouver. An All-Canadian line-up has been assembled including the swaggering Ryan Borodey on Lead Guitar and a seasoned rythm section of Marty Peters (X Spitfires) – Drums & Shane Love – Bass that ‘ll make as many parents ‘run for cover’ as they make heads-bang in the venues. Komodo Wagon songs include stories and themes that examine commonplace social practices, beliefs, faiths, relationships, governments, mythology and consipiracy. Lyrics ‘challenge’ the audience / listener to examine both “the pretty” & “the ugly” sides of life in a unique but inviting manner. The songs incorporate love, hate, sex, denial, optimism, entertainment, big city adventures and small town ideals representing the vast journey of singer / songwriter Troy Perlic’s existence thus far in life. Believability, accountability, power, melody, and even grace are the real ‘turbines’ behind Komodo Wagon. The boys wear these traits on their sleeves and it’s noticably refreshing. Forget the trends, just ROCK ROCK ROCK. Afterall, isn’t that what it’s really all about?





Komodo Wagon
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