Glam rock anyone? Hell yes, but how about traditional 80’s the best there is of course, these guys are spot on, when listening to them they take me back to the great sounds of yesteryear with the kind of songs that make you tingle. They have this unique way of capturing 80,s style with some modern day rock riffs built in and of course don’t forget the ballad, melodic feel only a band as pro as these can pull off. Vocally supreme, Lyrically Superb and the music is just kick ass. They look the part sing the part and are the part, long live the classic rock style.

KINGS HAREM is an unsigned emerging hard rock band based out of NYC with a classic 80’s edge for todays crossover markets. Currently we have 4 singles out with a debut album due out this fall. Our singles are on sale and streaming throughout the US, Latin America and 72 other countries.

RUBEN GOMEZ – Lead Vocals and Backing Vocals
An ex-Menudo, already famous with a long discography, I’m in a local Jersey 7/11 getting a cup of coffee. I go up to this guy and say, hey, you look like a singer, I’m doing a gig this week- end. Do ya’ wanna jam? …and that’s how we meet Ruben. We’ve remained friends ever since that day.
JOHN CRISCI – Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals
A music major graduate, with 10 years of jingle sessions, film sound tracks, producing and engi- neering. I yearned for the stage performance. Playing with all the Jersey greats, (you know who you are, some are dead), it was a close circle of friendships, musicianship and down right good fun!
JERRY CAPRI – Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals
A Bassist who plays his instrument like a lead guitar with the stage presence of a front man, what a combo. Right out of college radio, already a DJ personality, his charisma captivates the audience to make you wonder what is he going to do next? Never a dull moment…
JON ORTH – Drums, Percussion and Backing Vocals
I’d swear he had 4 legs and hands. His understanding of rhythm counterpoint and song arrangement really held us together. A well rounded session player, knew any style and how to compliment the song. A true showman and friend, plus he swings a mean hammer.
JOHN SEPUT – Keyboards and Backing Vocals
A technical wizard. Always knew just how much to pad and embellish our songs. From tonal changes to complicated pretzel chord fingerings, he had it down. He also had the Rack of GOD! You’d swear the heavens were opening up when he laid into these keys. Once he took the stage, you knew KINGS HAREM was had arrived.

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