One awesome rock/industrial/punk/pop band.  Yes so unique they have a bit of everything but what shines through more is there fantastic industrial feel. The singer has a voice that sounds much like David Bowie in fact listening to them you could almost imagine them fitting in well along side the Ziggy Stardust albums but with a more modern day feel. Vocally superb, Lyrically Fantastic and the music is awesome. I am really digging these guys but then again I do love my industrial, Hats off big time to this lot, a must add to any collection.


Killwave call to mind such musical luminaries as Joy Division, The Horrors, Gary Numan and TV on the Radio but they are not imitators of any of these. The band brings something all their own to these influences. Despite these comparisons you may hear other analogs in the music–a hint of darkwave, a dash of Brit pop and being from Chicago certainly a smidgen of industrial rock.

The group is made up of

George Pinto (vocals),

Jim King (guitars & synths),

Erik Pedtke (bass)

Bran X (drums).

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