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Mind blowing alternative rock band. Full of talent and for good reason, just listen for yourself and you will soon realize the sheer power of pure music and lyrics as they should be. Founded in 2006 by ex-Stereophonics drummer Stuart Cable, says it all. Sadly Stuart passed away but the band are still going very strong and have had the pleasure of supporting The Who, A combination well suited if you ask me. Vocally Superb, Lyrically Supreme and the music is pure, honest and true.


Having ridden the waves of adversity Killing for Company have become one of the UK’s best exponents of alternative rock. From clubs to stadiums Killing for Company have toured the UK & supported a wide array of artists starting in June 2007 when they supported The Who at Liberty Stadium, Swansea.

The South Wales band were founded in 2006 by ex-Stereophonics drummer Stuart Cable. Tragically Stuart died the week their debut album ‘Lost Art of Deception’ was set to be officially released.

Now the band are back with ‘We Don’t Need To Know’, a track from the as yet unreleased album ‘Hopes, Dreams and Crushing Defeats’. It’s a poignant song written in Stuart’s house after his passing, about how grief is usually a private matter but when the person is well known then that privacy is lost.

Killing For Company deliver anthemic and passionate music, a Celtic combination of Pearl Jam and The Who, delivering stadium sized rock with intimate and poignant lyrics.

You can check out the tracks from ‘Lost Art of Deception’ (featuring Stuart on drums) on the band’s Soundcloud.

KERRANG! Magazine Live Review: KKKK
“Slaves to neither fate nor fashion, their world-beating pedigree’s clear to see”.


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