Kevin Farkas

Kevin Farkas

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Great singer/songwriter covering a diverse array of genres, but he certainly knows how to rock and he does it well. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically great and the music is equally so.


Kevin Farkas, born in Bethlehem, Pa.
Kevin has been in music since he was very young. You may even say, “It’s in his blood”! His grandfather played guitar back in the old country before coming to the U.S. Kevin’s father also played guitar, and all of Kevin’s siblings are musicians as well!
Here you will find Kevin’s musical offerings. From his present ‘Self titled” release to the adolescent bop of ABC Rock.
The material presented here has been written, recorded, performed, programmed, and engineered by Kevin in his home studio personally creating the mixes you hear.
Kevin’s other songs here are presented in multiple genres and stylings, each containing their own personal elements and highlights. The tracks here indeed show the versatility of Kevin’s songwriting talents!
So push play and take a walk with Kevin’s Ant on his delightful journey through ABC Rock.


Kevin Farkas
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