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Kara Mann



Wow every now and then along comes a country singer, but how about a Country/Rock/Pop singer I hear you ask? well her she is. This talented young woman is a very gifted singer/songwriter from New Orleans. With an extremely powerful voice every word she sings sinks in big time. Lyrically excellent, Vocally second to none and the music is just fabulous. This is one to look out for.


New Orleans singer/songwriter Kara Mann is set to make her UK debut with her new single Blackmail.

Born and Bred in the culturally rich New Orleans, Kara Mann’s musical talents developed at a very young age from performing in musical theatre to nostalgic retro bands, by the time she hit 14 Mann was writing and performing her own material.

While recording in the much sort after Noise Studios Kara was invited to write for major artists including American Idol finalist, Jasmine Murray.

Kara’s reputable songwriting has only strengthened, attracting the attention of industry giants with whom she gone on to collaborate with such as – Donny Markowitz (Academy Award winning composer), Kevin DeClue (songwriter/producer for Hilary Duff), Rick Bacchus (writer/producer for Backstreet Boys), and Jim McCormick (CMA winner Jason Aldean).

Making her debut this autumn, Kara Mann’s vivacious and energetic release is bound to get you moving into the winter months.








Kara Mann
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