Fantastic black death metal band. Full of the usual grunge doom lyrics and sounds all us death fans long to here. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically superb and the music is pure doom at its best.


Kafirun was summoned in Vancouver BC Canada in 2014, the birth place of legendary band “Blasphemy”. After the release of the EP Death Worship, Kafirun have received very positive and strong responses from the local and global underground scene. MetalGallows.com said “well worth a few moments of your time, that is if you like dark, slowed down almost bestial black metal with a sinister, chanting/haunting vibe!” DarkSoulsUnited was quoted as saying “Kafirun is the evil itself which bring death and desolation to the earth”.
Simply put, Kafirun are “a testament to the destruction of self. Heralding the dawn of illumination, abolishing illusions of false idols and embracing the all encompassing chaos oblivion. A glorification of holy death and the escape from the time in which mankind has been enslaved. Kafirun is the adversarial void consuming cosmic fallacy.”

Twisted, vicious, and hypnotic, Canada’s KAFIRUN celebrates the release of their second offering “Glorification Of Holy Death”. A complete devotion to the ever devouring darkness and perpetual emptiness. Fast paced and furious, the blast beats relentless, the vocal shrieks blood-curdling, and the guitars a razorblade tornado. The compositions are majestic in the sense that visions of the underworld’s minions bowing in eternal servitude are conjured, and the delivery might work as the soundtrack for a carpet-bombing run. Black metal with poise, imagination and craft.

Glorification Of Holy Death tracklisting:
1. Wings of Malevolence
2. Salvation Through Sin
3. Destruction of the Divine Self
4. Chaos Magnum Opus
5. Open Veins

Recorded by Chris of Horamorior Studio

Kafirun are:
Luzifaust: Vocals
Hanephi: Guitars
Corpus Vile: Drums
Hypnocrotizer: Bass



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