Judy Vamp-Shire

Judy Vamp-Shire




Wow Wow and double wow is all we can say.  Being lovers of the symphonic, power ballad rock scene this beauty is music to our ears, she simply has it all with the unique sounds of haunting dark rock mixed with great ballads which she calls Vamp Rock.

Vocally super, Lyrically fantastic and the music is killer. We find Judy Vamp-Shire both captivating, exciting and a pure pleasure to listen to.


Judy Vamp-Shire (also known as The Devils Daughter) is an English Rock Goddess who has emerged from her Dark World to pray on us mortals! With sexy haunting attributes, both physical and vocal! Vamp-Shire draws you in to her dark but so very tempting world with a mystical magnet which she calls Vamp Rock. Vamp Rock is a mixture of original high energy atmospheric Rock Songs and haunting Rock Ballads with dark lyrics. Sung by a Vampire singing about Vampires, Witches, Black Magic and the Dark Side! Judy Vamp-Shire’s 1st four Song Vamp Rock EP was released in September 2012, she followed the EP with her ten Song Vamp Rock Album titled Beyond Imagination which release 8 October 2013. Beyond Imagination are also perfect words to portray Judy Vamp-Shire’s unique, distinct and sometimes haunting vocals which along with her original music have been described as Epic by many in the music business and have gained her a Worldwide fan base. The lyrics of her songs open a window in to Judy Vamp-Shire’s World, with some of the lyrics based on Judy’s life! As you would expect of a Vampire Singer Judy Vamp-Shire has performed live in Concert at Haunted Castles, Stately Homes, Mansions, even a Chapel in addition to many music venues, hotels, private and corporate events. Judy Shire is supported by her Rock Band and also works with various musicians and Bands around the World. She is available for studio, touring and other music projects with industry professionals and TV/Film work. Judy’s Vamp-Rock Concerts are more than amazing live original music, she makes full use of her Vampire image with Stage props, skeletons, skulls, other macabre things, lighting and effects with which she creates an awesome atmospheric event. Judy’s management are currently working on a USA Tour and she is always in demand for private events which require something beyond imagination! In addition to Judy Vamp- Shire’s Reverbnation Fan Stats of 66,176, she has over 20,000 myspace connections, around 1182 Soundcloud followers, over 2990 friends on her personal Facebook and over 10,000 fans who have connected via the Judy Shire website giving Judy over 100,000+ known fans and followers as of September 2014. These are all genuine stats Judy never buys or fakes her stats! Around 80% of Judy Shire’s Fans and Followers are in the USA










Judy Vamp-Shire
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