It almost seems as though destiny is the force that draws the inner brilliance of a few solo artists together, when their union is the birth of new excitement in the ears of a city’s music scene. As the story bound lyrics and raw passion-invoking voice of singer/songwriter Valerie- Josephine met with the funk infused drum beats and knack for song arrangement in drummer Peter Gene Montague, the perfect combination to stir up a music-loving Ottawa began in the early fall of 2015.
Moving at a lion’s pace when in chase of it’s pray, JOSEPHINE LEONE – and it’s alternative take on indie rock – has released their debut EP in September 2016, celebrating their one year of collaboration. This 6-track self titled album is a remarkable accomplishment for a new, unsigned, independent band – as it was completely tracked, mixed and produced by the artists themselves. Showing unrelenting dedication, the band spent hundreds of hours in the basement home studio of drummer Peter Gene perfecting their craft and creating the demo that would officially set them on the map as Ottawa’s prime budding artists.
Their highlighted track “Got A Demon” shows off their light-hearted approach to addressing every-day struggles with humour. It features catchy, upbeat drum and bass grooves that live at the heart of the band. Other tracks on the album are heavier, mixing sexy blues guitar solos by lead guitar player Nikola Moisan with the grungy rhythm guitar riff’s and gritty vocals from singer Valerie-Josephine. Versatility and the implementation of influences from a variety of genres seems to be a strength for JOSEPHINE LEONE as it gives them an appealing sound to a wide demographic from mainstream to underground listeners. Though their particular sound is uniquely their own, fans and listeners have compared them to artists like; Nirvana, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sublime, and Canadian pop-rock artist Alanis Morissette. Since forming the band just one year ago, they have performed over a dozen times at local music venues in their home town Ottawa, with a growing crowd every time.
The band was featured on Ottawa’s most popular alternative rock station Live 88.5 FM with their single “Wash My Blues” in May 2016. They also performed live as the featured artist on CHUO 89.1 FM where they have received great reviews from their performance. Host of The Full Time Groove, Thomas Redford, said “These guys are tight!”. With high aspirations and so much on the rise, planning to gain exposure by introducing their sound to the Canadian music scene during the 2017 festival season is at the top of their agenda.
The spectrum of emotions from dark to light is colourful in JOSEPHINE LEONE. Songs that began as solace for the singer who struggled with anxiety, depression, drug use, and a difficulty finding friends, now go beyond her personal therapy and reach others. The songs, as though speaking for themselves, command attention with a voice of their own. Like a child in the spotlight, they are beautiful, fun, lighthearted and sometimes explosive. What the future holds is yet unknown, but watch with great anticipation as, truth be told, there lies a hidden gem in JOSEPHINE LEONE.


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