Joey Vaillancourt

Joey Vaillancourt


Joey is a singer/songwriter from Luskville Quebec Canada.

Joey and his wife Natasha own and operate a ranch in Luskville Quebec.

When not working the ranch, Joey is writing new songs, performing and playing music at every opportunity he can.

Raised on country music as a kid, Joey picked up a guitar at the age of 16 and began singing and writing in his early years. After releasing a 5 song CD in 2006, Joey continued to perform and write songs over the past decade.

Joey played festivals, talent shows and performed live with bands from around the Pontiac. He also played weekends in the summer at local Adventure Rafting resorts in the Pontiac.

Now living the beautiful country life with his wife, 6 dogs and 6 horses on their ranch beside the stunning Gatineau hills, Joey is excited to release all original new material.

Joey’s music has deep roots in telling stories and relating to the small town way of living from everyday life, to the challenges they face and the fun they can have!

Joey’s music can be described as a mix of traditional country lyrics with touches of modern day outlaw country.

For Joey, the lyrics are what should come first in a song:

“I don’t write fabricated songs. I don’t sit down and think “what will someone think of this song or will people like this? I write real lyrics about real life based on my experiences and my perception of my surroundings.

I am a big fan of old time country music and what it talked about in it’s songs. The material and content of a lot of songs in new country nowadays (I feel) are simply based on issues that I just can’t relate to anymore and while they may be melodically catchy, I prefer a more honest and real approach to songwriting that focus more lyrics that a more mature audience could appreciate.

I try to stay as genuine to my songwriting process as possible. I speak of my experiences or the world as I see it. Although there are times where escapism is inevitable and I write about a theoretical situation that someone could be in and how I would interpret it.

That’s what country music should be about: a conversational piece of music that speaks about country life and the heart of what real life is all about – appreciation, love, respect, true values, friends, family, hard times, fun, and everything that happens in between.

It’s one of the few genres for me that speaks straight to the heart with direct lyrics and an honest and simple approach to everyday situations.

People who don’t like country music, for the most part, are people who just can’t relate because they never experienced that type of living. True country music fans are the one’s who have lived the life and it’s for those people that I write for.”

While the dream would always to be doing music full time, Joey is just happy to share his songs with anyone who enjoys listening to them.

“I’d prefer writing music that I truly believe in and having less fans (but true fans) rather than having a larger fan base and singing and playing songs I don’t believe in.”

I truly hope you enjoy the music!




Joey Vaillancourt
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