Joanne Shaw Taylor

Joanne Shaw Taylor


Review By Tony Charles Presenter on Rock Bandom Radio

Wednesday 4th Nov saw blues rock guitarist Joanne Shaw Taylor perform at the Royal Northern College of Music ,Manchester uk. If the name is new to you, as it is to me, then I can highly recommend you cheek her out.
The show itself begin with a hiccup, the fire alarm went off after her second song! But as soon as we were back we where treated to a track initialed ‘Watch and Burn’ ,opps, no pun intended !
Lots of reviews I looked at before the gig suggested Shaw Taylor was good live, and I can deferentially agree with that. Her voice is incredibly raw , but for some reason I struggled to hear what she was singing, could have been me! However, her guitar work can only be described as fast and gentle when need be for the slower tracks. She stared with her lasted single Mud Honey, which I have to say its the only track I know(been playing it on my show). I must also say that Im dam sure she can easily give the big boys a run for there money, in fact better than some guitarist I have seen recently.

Her support, came in the shape of Bernie Marsden, former Whitesnake guitarist, he too, was well worth coming out for a mid week gig, even though Motorhead was playing just 2 miles away! When he joined her on stage for 2 numbers ,one being Whitesanke classic Standing In The Shadows Of The Blues which really did top off a great gig. As that number was being performed, I had visions of them both touring together as a Whitesanke combo!
If you like your blues with a rock edge to it, then this is for you!!!!
Great gig , 10 out of 10!!!

Joanne Shaw Taylor
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