Jetset Royals


“In the beginning there was volume, rhythm and melody and the Gods said fuck it.
Born of aggression and energy, Jetset Royals rolls out its debut album just in time to smack more ass than a playboy with tentacles. JSR maintains the righteous course of musical directness to thrill and kill. OUR sound blends modern rock vibes and vintage raunch with shades of pop sensibility. “We have enough experience to handle the heat with enough crazy to burn down the kitchen”

Keith Slack on vox and drums, Gerard Garcia on guitars and Micah Denzlinger on bass. Playing out live would definitely include the addition of a drummer and Keith would be playing guitar. Keith has played toured with Michael Schenker, Dug Pinnik and Mother Road and SteelHouse Lane. Gerard recorded and toured with Ultrapull in LA Gold Circle records and played lead guitar for the LA Hootenanny more or less a ‘Hillbilly symphony’ of music styles. Jetset Royals wrote, recorded, produced and mixed this album ourselves, OUTSIDE of the music business ‘matrix’ we are very proud of that..

Jetset Royals
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