Jerry Hull pianist/singer/song and lyrics writer/arranger

Jerry Hull pianist/singer/song and lyrics writer/arranger



Just imagine, if you can, the talents of Elton John, Billy Joel and Burt Bacharach. Then fuse them together to produce a new talented singer songwriter, what would you get? Well the result is an amazing indie artist named Jerry Hull.
Born into the world of Memphis Blues, jazz, and gospel, Hull applied his trade from age 8 growing up with a musically inclined father, who played Chet Atkins style guitar and four sisters who were a gospel quartet. By age 13, he was playing piano and singing gospel in churches and choirs in his native Tennessee and around the midsouth area of the US. Later, set out gigging with various local and school bands around Memphis and then set off to the bright lights of Los Angles and throughout the western part of the US, and then off to Ontario, Canada to great acclaim. After emigrating to the UK over a decade ago, Hull found a new spiritual home in the depths of the Yorkshire countryside, and it was here that he found the inspiration to compose his long overdue debut album entitled ‘Heaven Help Me’, and what an album of surprises and delights it was to be!
Comprising of fourteen unique compositions; lyrics and music written, arranged, and performed by Jerry himself, ‘Heaven Help me’ takes the listener on a fascinating journey. Stories from the artists early childhood watching Neil Armstrong taking his first tentative steps on the Moon, to reminiscing about first loves and Saturday mornings spent watching black and white movies of FBI shootouts with John Dillenger. ‘Heaven Help Me’ was written, recorded and produced in his own home studio, where he produced a masterpiece that did not fail to satisfy his many fans.

I am a pianist/singer/song and lyrics writer/arranger and have been playing for nearly half a century. Being from Memphis, Tennessee, my musical roots include blues, gospel, rock, pop, and classical. MUSIC runs through my veins, I was born with it in my soul and is a major part of my life.

I love mostly rock, blues, pop, jazz, and orchestral either separately, mixed or matched or infused at most any level. All of my own personal originals have one or more of these elements usually bolstered with a hint of light or heavy contemporary, black or old fashioned Christian and gospel/blues. I have been involved in a few bands and gigged around the LA and Memphis areas. I grew up singing and playing piano in black and white raced churches and choirs.

Live in the UK for 15 years since 2002 and have never been more prolific and creative then in this last 24 months recently!! In that small span of time, I have managed to churn out over 200 songs! And still they keep coming! Thank you oh wise and wonderful song Gods!

Most of my pop has a Bacharach sound. I love to design my arrangements, write my own lyrics and of course write my own melodies and harmonies. Major musical influences: Elton John, Billy Joel, Todd Rundgren, and the “Memphis Sound”.

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Jerry Hull pianist/singer/song and lyrics writer/arranger
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