Ire Clad

Ire Clad



Wow great heavy rock band with an awesome old school heavy metal sound mixed with modern day hard rock. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically supreme and the music is pure rock.


Ire Clad is a 4 piece heavy band from the upstate NY city of Ithaca consisting of Harrison Rumsey-Lead Vocals/Guitar, Jerrod Prevost-Guitar, Eric Rodriguez-Bass and Vocals, Pete Schlough-Drums. The band began in 2010 on the premise of “let’s play some heavy music”. After writing several songs Ire Clad built up some momentum and started playing gigs. Soon there was enough material for a CD which they began recording in their practice space. All the recording, mixing, and mastering was done by Harrison. All the album artwork and pictures were done by Pete. The second album is called God of War and was released in November of 2014. Once again everything was done by the band. Their sound has some similarities to Down, Black Sabbath, and some C.O.C. Stay heavy!!! \m/



Ire Clad
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