Inherit The Stars

Inherit The Stars




Now these lads are different with a unique modern post hardcore punk pop, alternative rock metal sounds. On first hearing them they remind us a lot of Bring Me The Horizon. Vocally great, they range through all levels from rap to death metal. Lyrically great with that story line feel you get from some of the great progressive symphonic metal bands, and the music is just as good as the rest. All in all this band are not just great they are really great, setting a good standard for the future of modern day rock.



Inherit The Stars are an innovative young band on a mission to push genre boundaries. After being unleashed onto the music scene in late 2012, the South Yorkshire lads have relentlessly built upon their momentum through the success of their Orbis Trilogy of video singles, UK touring, festival appearances and support slots with the likes of Freeze The Atlantic and Crooks.
Recently completing new material with producer Jim Pinder at Treehouse Studios (While She Sleeps/Rise To Remain etc), Inherit The Stars confirm that they will be releasing their 5 track ‘Beyond The Beacons’ EP before 2014 is out.

Inherit The Stars
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