His Master’s Voice

His Master’s Voice



So you love old school proper rock/blues then you will love this lot. Multi talented, diverse and damn right awesome. Imagine if you will Deep Purple, Zeppelin, Black Sabbath cross them with Metallica and Mountain and this is what you get a unique hard hitting rock sound that fans world wide will love. Vocally supreme, Lyrically superb and the music is big time kick ass. Listening to them takes you on a journey like no other, both calming, trippy, hard hitting, fast paced and edgy. A must have in your music collection.


His Master’s Voice – Devils Blues Brandon Bott – Bass, Rene “Judas” Harvey – Drums , Az Burns – Lead Guitar Jesse Sorensen – Vocals and Guitar “Blues as heavy and passionate as it gets, delivered by supremely talented musicians. The band is tight, dirty and makes you want to move.” “Diversity and groove are the keys to the recording’s success and the band’s uniqueness is in their disregard of convention. While His Master’s Voice has harvested a classic sound, Follow Me Down dishes up a modern flavour that would comfortably stack up next to modern icons such as Black Cherry or Mastodon.” Steeped in groove with passionate classic feel, listen closely and follow the sound of His Master’s Voice……






His Master’s Voice
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