Superb heavy rock band indeed and we mean superb. Both mellow, melodic and heavy with a great grunge influenced sound mixed with modern day rock sounds we all love. These guys weigh in pound for pound at the top of the scale for both diversity and entertaining ones ear drums to the max. Vocally supreme, Lyrically superb and the music kicks ass big time. A huge must have for any collection.


hIPNOSTIC is a heavy rock band from Orange County, CA. Our music is driven by a passion for heavy contagious riffs, powerful rhythmic grooves, thought provoking arrangements that filter through a positive and hopeful lyrical message. The band draws inspiration from artists like Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Chevelle, Seether, Shinedown and Red.

Our new single “Ain’t No Sunshine” truly embodies what the band’s music is all about and where we are headed in the future. It’s a unique heavy rock version of the classic Bill Withers tune with a dark moody spin. The band released its debut record “Dissolve Me” which garnered many positive reviews. Debra Stocker, Editor of All ACCESS said, “Dissolve Me is by far one of the best hard Rock/alternative sounding albums I’ve come across this year”. Modern Fix Magazine had this to say, “The talent level is high, the range is varied, the voice is superior, the guitar riffs are catchy and there are numerous standout tracks on “Dissolve Me”. There is a commercial shine to this made-for-radio band”.hIPNOSTIC received 4 nominations at the ALL ACCESS L.A. Music Awards, Best New Group, Best Hard Rock Band, Best overall album of the year, and won Best Alternative Male Vocalist. Their song “Ritual” was featured in the movie “The Dead Matter” and was included in the movie soundtrack. They were also fortunate that Fox Sports Net picked “Ritual” and “Heels On A Plank” for their “Re:Evolution of Sports” show.

In 2011, Blake and his long-time musical brother Rob Swanson reunited to push the band to a whole new level. The band continues to reach new melodic territories and create a broader sonic landscape. The intertwining of their guitar and bass personalities gives the band an even heavier rock sound.

hIPNOSTIC is currently in the studio wrapping up the final stages of their next full-length release and promises it will be every bit the riff heavy journey that was set in motion with our new single “Ain’t No Sunshine”.

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