Fantastic country singer who wont back down because he loves what he does so much, After facing criticism with in the music industry saying hes to old and should give up songwriting etc he stuck to his guns and we sure are glad he did, this guy rocks. Vocally Fantastic, Lyrically amazing and the music just flows through you like country is supposed to. Well worth checking out..


What if I listened to all the “experts” that told me… -You’re too old -Don’t write country songs -Radio will never play your songs -There’s no audience for that -Sure you can sing and your songs are great but it will never work -Quit… Don’t go there… Are you crazy Then I never would have… -Been invited to play and represent Sweden at the CMA Fest in Nashville -Won “Favorite Country Group” at IMN Country Music Awards -Been nominated for “Best International Artist” and “Video Of The Year” at ICoMA Country Music Awards (2013) -Had My songs played on thousands of radio stations all around the world -Done radio and TV interviews in Italy, France, England, Ireland, Australia, USA, Sweden, Norway, Canada, Germany… -Been nominated for “Song Of The Year” and “Video Of the Year” at Nashville Universe Awards -Been “Artist Of The Month” on Sky TV in UK -Play at country festivals in the USA, France, Sweden… -Got fans from all corners of the world -Been nominated again and won at 2014 ICoMA Country Music Awards for “Best International Country Artist.” -Been nominated for “Song Of The Year” (Hayride) and “Video Of The Year” (Unreachable Dream) at ICoMA Awards 2014 -Been invited to play at BCMA in London 2014 -Received 3 Nominations at 2014 International Music and Entertainment Awards -Been nominated for Best European Country Act of the Year, 2014 BCMA Awards -And… The biggest thing of all…. winning “Best European Country Act Of The Year” at The British CMA in London. (2013) Good thing I didn’t listen to anybody else but myself! Hicks (Miqael Persson) is an accomplished songwriter from the south of Sweden, with multiple Gold and Platinum records to his credit. His rock-edged songs have been recorded by artists like Jimi Jamison (Survivor), Giant (Dann Huff), Bobby Kimball (Toto), Little River Band, W.E.T. (Featuring Jeff Scott Soto), Grammy nominated Toby Hitchcock and Grammy winner, Barbados. He has also written with Nashville heavy-hitters like Anthony Smith, Dallas Rogers, Dennis Morgan and Sharon Vaughn. In late June 2014, “Hayride” became his first official US radio single release on MTS Records. It is currently climbing the New Music Weekly and Music Row country airplay charts, with the video reaching the Top 3 on Yallwire.com.







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  1. This is the sad thing about the music industry in general. It places age restrictions on artists and that is so wrong, because it’s those artists who have been around so long, who have fought so hard and paid their dues that DESERVE to have a shot at mainstream radio. It pisses me off to no end how the industry throws big money at KIDS who have no clue what it’s like to work for years for something you believe in. American Idol is the perfect example of a television show that follows the strict guidelines of the industry. If your older than 27, you are considered too old. Age should not be a factor when it comes to entertainment, to music. I am glad that the digital age has changed the way people buy music, because now, Major labels aren’t the fat confident cats they once were, but more has to be done in terms of mainstream/daytime radio. Labels still seem to control what and who they play and this is wrong too. The industry shouldn’t discriminate against age. It is wrong and it short changes the music buyers/listeners of the world.

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