Helldivers are a rock band from Sundsvall, Sweden. The band were formed in 2013 by singer Jimmy Storsleth a.k.a. Mr Poetry Died and guitarist Mats Söderberg a.k.a. Bela Bikes who soon recruited Erik Suup a.k.a. Eric Broom to be the lead guitarrist and Robert Järn a.k.a. Bob to handle bass guitar. The ambiton was to play straight forward rock’n’roll (high energy rock) and with an obvious punk influence.

However, Järn left Helldivers shortly after their first release Throw The First Stone. He was later replaced by session member Magnus Näsholm a.k.a. Gray Hunter. Another session member, Nina Berlin a.k.a. Stu plays keyboard on several tracks.

Various drummers have so far figured on the recordings. Jens Höglin from Garmarna and The $1000 Playboys, Erik Barthold from The Kristet Utseende and Left Hand Solution and Jens Olsson from Kill! Kill! Pussycat!



2015 – Throw The First Stone
2016 – Heroes
2016 – Who Needs TV
2017 – I’m Doing Alright
2017 – Deep Water
2017 – Wrong Day




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