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Hand Drawn Maps



Fantastic indie rock band indeed and we mean fantastic. With superb vocals and cool mellow sounds youd be hard pushed not to like them, not only are they crisp and vibrant but also calming and uplifting. Vocally Superb, Lyrically Supreme and the music is awesome.


Hand Drawn Maps is a local, LA-based, indie rock band. These musical artists have really found their niche, bringing a distinct mix of Indie-pop and surf rock to the LA scene. Bassist Charles Gregory Schwartz, is from a far off distant land called Texarkana. We all know what you’re thinking, and the answer is yes, that is a place. Greg got his start playing worship music for his church band, even though his heart resides in the spirit of Blues, Folk, and Rock N Roll. Every grey cloud has a silver lining, and Greg’s playing also inhibits a beautiful, and transcendent style. His bass lines are so alluring and methodical, they could very easily stand alone as their own songs. Percussionist Mercedes Cruz is a good old fashion Midwest girl with big city dreams. She hails all the way from Minnesota, where she first picked up a pair of sticks and started banging on stuff. Her school orchestra helped her to see that her passion was not for notes and chords, but rather in beats and time signatures. The phrase that best describes Mercedes is “Pocket Drummer”. With her energy, and love for the music, the beautiful spirit behind each song never wavers. Guitarist/Vocalist/Songwriter Stewart James was born and raised in Manhattan Beach in the suburbs of Los Angeles. He first picked up a guitar when he was 10, and immediately started writing and imitating his idols John Lennon and Bob Dylan. In his earlier years, he fell victim to harsh life problems involving anxiety and depression. To this day the only thing that takes away the fear and anxiety, is writing and performing music. The themes of isolation and fear appear in his lyrics, only shadowed by lyrics of hope, love, and perseverance. As soon as they met in Los Angeles and stepped into that rehearsal space, they immediately started writing and recording there debut EP, Kites. Upon release of their debut single, they have been featured in local blogs, and a live session video for Jam in the Van at their headquarters in DTLA. These 3 also spend a lot of time playing live, and filling up local clubs and bars around Los Angeles. “We are just 3 people who found a common bond in the music, and I don’t think any of us would ever change that.” Please connect with Hand Drawn Maps and keep an eye out for their new EP, Kites.








Hand Drawn Maps
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