Born in Brest (extreme west of french Brittany) in may 1979, inspired by his jazzy – and ghostly – guitarist of a father, Gweniplodokus began to learn the guitar alone at age 10. He founded his very first band at 12 (to play New Orleans jazz classics with a banjo: Sidney Bechet’s standards!), before the rock band Flying Feelers at 15 (to play live some nice Pink Floyd covers), then other bands, rather grungy-punky ones, at 17, at 18… and, strangely, he knew most of his onstage experiences between 12 and 18! Two reasons, the obligation to move quite often for his studies and jobs on one hand, and Digital Audio Workstations’ huge improvements in the early 2000 on the other hand, soon lead Gwen to be clearly… “brian-enozing” his aproach of musical creation!

Singer/songwriter now living in Rennes (still french Brittany), mainly guitarist but multi-instrumentalist (vocals, all guitars including bass, electric mandolin, synthesizers, drums, percussions, electric or natural violin) and self-producing, Gweniplodokus makes music in a wide range of styles. Let’s say it’s mainly about postpunk, new (sometimes dark) wave, shoegaze, a rock mostly alternative in short tracks, progressive in large ones. The man wants to push his melodic exigency close to Radiohead, Other Lives or Tame Impala, with instruments and voice that probably have more in common with New Order, Depeche Mode, U2, The Cure or Interpol. Gwen’s words can talk about many things, sometimes from a unusual point of view (his father-in-guitar Mark Knopfler used to write that way), but most of his songs rather remind some of George Michael’s favorite topics: the worrying future of mankind on a sick Earth, our almost impossible quest for perfect love connection or happiness in general, the eternal uselessness of selfishness and cupidity, the ruthlessness of this profit-driven world… Fortunately, all these serious matters are counterbalanced by a generous french sense of humor and the very airy, dreamy melodic waves cast by the sweet dinosaur’s instruments. Doesn’t he sound a little optimistic after all? That’s the very point about Gweniplodokus: often realistic, never pessimistic.

At the beginning of year 2017, a bit tired of tinkering his pile of unfinished songs alone, monsieur Gweniplodokus put an ad on the internet and finally found a musical alter-ego: Howie Holden, versatile singer, guitarist and bassist from Rennes, fond of shoegaze and alternative emo/math rock. Thanks to the newcomer, a simple two-headed project could begin and, after “quite an intense thinking process” would say Gwen in a smile, was called… Howidokus. Indeed. “And life looks like a too easy game right now!” In a smile again.

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