Guns of the Seneca

Guns of the Seneca

I’m a member of an indie/experimental rock band called “Guns of the Seneca” and I’m tying to find out what it takes to receive an album review by your publication or airplay on your radio show. We just digitally released “Citizens of the Universe” on March 27th this year, and we’re in the process of physically producing the album on vinyl and disc. I’m glad you want to hear our artist’s entire albums, opposed to just a single. It allows the listener a better sample size or the artist’s style. Please see the links to our music below. If you like our material, please share and provide feedback if possible. Imagine if John Mclaughlin, Ian MacKaye, Miles Davis, John Bonham and Thom Yorke were able to procreate? That’s the best audible description for GOTS!

Guns of the Seneca is an experimental, multi-genre trio formed in late 2007 by bassist Grant Olivier, guitarist David Plair, and drummer Britton Frost. “Guns of the Seneca” refers to mistpouffers –mysterious booming noises heard over Lake Seneca, NY that are thought to be the guns and cannons of the lost soldiers of the Battle of Seneca Town during the Revolutionary War. Since GotS are from a community surrounded by water, they found this name fitting to explain their experimental sound. GotS lives by the DIY ethical mantra having completely built their studio from the ground up, and are responsible for all writing, recording and the mixing process of their work.

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Guns of the Seneca
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