Good Guy Dies’

Good Guy Dies’



Great duo indeed and there sound is very unique and can be described as Punk/Rock/Pop. They are very good to listen to with great catchy beats and some assume guitar rifts to, as well as this the female singer has one extremely powerful voice which compliments the music to make one fantastic set up. Vocally fantastic. Lyrically superb and the music is second to none.


Good Guy Dies are a duo comprising Latvian vocalist Cherry Makej and Northern Irish guitarist Joe Hodgson. This meeting of East and West took place in 2012 and the pair have spent the past two years honing their song writing and musical style, culminating in the recording of their debut album in 2014 with renowned producer George De Angelis (Seal, Rod Stewart, LeeAnn Rimes).

The album is a sonic assault; a blend of electronica, classic rock and punk pop, all set against a backdrop of pulsating, driving beats, where Makej’s searing and infectious vocals are perfectly complemented by Hodgson‘s razor- sharp riffs and incendiary soloing.

Good Guy Dies’ music has an upbeat and uplifting vibe with a huge sound, hooks galore and bucket loads of attitude. This is a power duo to be reckoned with and their live show is one not to be missed.
Cherry grew up in an artistic family, and from an early age she quickly gravitated towards singing and often performed at family gatherings. “I was always drawn to anyone with a unique voice and I’ve a lot of different influences. I love Tori Amos as much as I love Jonathan Davis from Korn and Bjork as much as I love Freddie Mercury. I’m just into great music and great singing no matter what the style.” At seventeen Cherry joined her first serious band in Riga and gigged extensively across Latvia. However, she quickly realised that fulfilling her dreams of singing on an international stage meant leaving Latvia, and in 2011 she moved to London where she met Joe through an advert in a local London paper.

Joe grew up in Co. Tyrone and started playing guitar after hearing some of his cousin’s old Rory Gallagher records. “I was mesmerised by his playing and his persona, and after that, playing the guitar was all I ever wanted to do.” A lot of Joe’s influences were drawn from rock and the blues, especially Irish guitarists- “I just felt a connection to them. I loved people like Gary Moore and Pat McManus, these guys had grit and passion in their playing and hit the guitar as if their life depended on it.” Joe quickly became interested in song writing, being attracted to “anything with melody and attitude”. As far as songwriters go, he was particularly influenced by Don Henley and Phil Lynott.

Rock/Pop-punk duo ‘Good Guy Dies’ are a fresh new act on the UK music scene, powerfully protesting against injustice and discrimination. Made up of Latvian vocalist Cherry Makej, and guitarist Joe Hodgson from Northern Ireland, the pair have spent the past two years perfecting their sound and style; their album was produced by none other than George De Angelis (Seal, Rod Stewart, LeAnn Rimes).


Good Guy Dies’
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