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Gifted Kings



Great alternative rock band with great sounds indeed. Vocally great, Lyrically superb and the music is equally as great. A good band to check out.


The band is made up of two sets of brothers: Derek Murray (guitar/vocals), Andy Murray (lead guitar), Gary Smith (drums), Paul Smith (bass)
Lead singer Derek: ”It was a dream come true to do the album in Wales at the same studio and using the same gear as our idols. Queen, Bowie, Oasis, the Stone Roses, the list goes on and on’.
On their debut “Lose What Makes You” Gifted Kings teamed up with top producer Nick Brine (Oasis, The Darkness, Bruce Springsteen) and mastering wizard Pete Maher (U2, Depeche Mode).
To compliment the release the band have also produced a video of the ‘Dead End Road’ track.
Derek: ‘We did the whole video for the track live at the Barras in our home town Glasgow. It was amazing, there are so many brilliant characters down there, we knew it would be a great laugh. Everyone that the producers pointed the camera at stole the show. Think I’ve watched it a zillion times and I’m still spotting new stuff, hopefully people will like it’.
The band is quickly building up a record following stretching as far as Russia, Ukraine , Thailand and India, receiving tour invitations from Moscow to Kiev and beyond.
Their music has been used in several shows on Channel 4, S4C, ITV1, Sky Sports. Ripcurl and O’Neill Sports have adopted Gifted Kings’ music in advertising campaigns targeting the USA, Australia and Asia.
A total of 27 tv stations and production companies also showed interest in featuring Gifted Kings tracks in their 2013 programming.

Gifted Kings
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