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Mind blowing  Rock/Metal band and I mean mind blowing. Not to many bands combine Rock with Metal why? because its hard to pull off but these guys have done it effortlessly . Just listening is proof enough as you can clearly pic out Rock vocals with a rock beat and yet that massive underlined  heavy metal vibe taking it into the next dimension of pure awesomeness. Vocally superb, Lyrically supreme and the music just bloody rocks. Im really into these guys and I would say a must have for any collection.


Ghost Season is a high energy Modern Rock/Metal band resonating through Athens, Greece. Though relatively new, Ghost Season is no stranger to the music industry. Formed during July of 2013, Ghost Season was an idea spawned by Dorian Gates, former bass player of grunge act Madleaf. Within weeks Nash Sinner (ex-Station 11) and Nick Christolis (ex-Potergeist) joined playing rhythm and lead guitar. Soon after, Christos Grekas sat in the drummer’s seat which completed the grounding for Ghost Season (later replaced by Ross L.). Finally, having heard Nick Lountos’ vocal versatility, Dorian recruited his singing talent to complete the sound of Ghost Season influenced by bands like Revelation Theory, Shinedown, In Flames, Disturbed, Crossfade, Pop Evil, All That Remains, Alterbridge ect.

The band is based in Athens, Greece, and their style is a mixture of Modern Metal genres. The goal of the band is to play dynamic and vibrant music, bridging aggressive and melodic elements while keeping the focus on live energy and enjoyment. Ghost Season completed recording their first EP release “Ghosts like Her” which was released on September 2014 while they were working at their full length album and scheduling numerous upcoming shows locally in Athens and around Greece. 2015 found the band with a big line-up change. Drummer Chris Grekas was replaced by Ross L. and after a meeting with the band for a singer audition Herc Zotos, previously of XIX, auditioned for Ghost Season on September 2015 and was immediately hired. The following month, Zotos and the band went in the studio for the recording of their first single titled “Break My Chains” which will be out December 2015.

Ghost Season are:
Herc Zotos – Vocals
Nick Christolis – Guitars
Dorian Gates – Bass
Ross L. – Drums



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Ghost Season
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