Gathering After Ashes

Gathering After Ashes



Really good hard rock band sounding and reminding us a lot of Korn crossed with Alice In Chains. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically superb and the music is powerfull full on and just what we expect from a great rock band. Well worth checking out.


Gathering After ashes is a hard rock band from Northern New Jersey whose members include Joe Silva on Vocals, Bobby Pergola on Guitars, Brian Wright on Bass Guitar and Jorge Nobre on drums. In the basements, garages, warehouses and studios of New Jersey, these 4 musicians have spent days, months and years, in different incarnations of the band, working toward a better song, a better sound and better opportunities. The result of all of this – an alternative to the pop rock, the bubble gum you chew every day – a high energy band with modern vocal melodies and underlying screams surrounded by heavy guitars and rythmic bass and drums…. this is Gathering After Ashes!



Gathering After Ashes
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