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Fantastic rock band keeping it old school, which is just the way we love it. Their hard hitting, fast paced and energetic. Vocally Superb, Lyrically supreme and the music is killer. A must have for any collection.


Former Angels are a Brisbane-based band that deliver raw-energy rock which demand your attention. Stav Giouzelis from Blank GC magazine describes them as having ‘big vocals and catchy melodies’, reminding her of the great days of 1980’s rock.
Ryan Murr, the lead vocalist, delivers a raspy, howling vocal style which perfectly matches his power-house guitar playing. This man carries a health warning, and is not afraid of jumping off stage, mixing it with enthusiastic audiences to play out some very addictive riffs. George Phillips, his right-hand man, is described as a mad scientist with a guitar, shredding away with technical precision. Jasper Warmington on drums and Mitch Gardner (the pedal master) on bass are their rhythmic masters, pounding away a rock thunder that even Thor would take notice of.
Between the four members lies an interesting musical background of rock, metal, and jazz-rock. Their influences range from AC/DC, Guns’n’Roses, Metallica, and Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls. The guys live show quickly becoming a favourite in many Brisbane and Gold Coast live venues, Recently Headlining The Zoo in Brisbane came with that is a live album released on and they are currently completing a new EP of original songs.

Unusual for many bands, all four members sing; with such vocal blending and additions, the band’s live sound is huge.
Former Angels aim to provide a fun experience for people who enjoy live rock as it should be – memorable songs and riffs from musicians who enjoy what they do and know how to entertain.

Former Angels are clearly a live rock band that have left a trail of carnage behind them, recently Headlining The Zoo, Also doing an amazing live set at a one of show at BOGGO RD JAIL along with a Currumbin music festival, plus a string of local shows they deliver – a great sound, masterfully performed and entertaining to boot! I came away singing a lot of their melodies – I’m hooked! (Hans Telford, Photographer – Gold Coast)
Ryan’s vocal is edgy, raw and raspy – just what the rock gods like to hear! (Mina Taur, Artist – Gold Coast)
George shreds like a Breville mixer, missing no note (Stav and the Dark, Artist – Gold Coast)

recent releases ,
– Live Album recorded at The Zoo (via bandcamp & soundcloud)
– Live Footage professionally filmed at the zoo HQ (via utube)




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Former Angels
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