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Super alternative rock band keeping it old school with modern sounds and plenty of guitar riffs. Reminds us of a cross between Hendrix, AC/DC, Zeppelin then throw in some Pod/Corn on top.  These guys rock big time and with there shear talent and diversity they are sure to please any rock fan both young and old alike. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically superb and the music is just awesome.


New Welsh Rock Trio – A Fool & His Money
The new welsh rock trio “A Fool & His Money” released their debut EP, Machine Gun Artistry, in October 2014.
Emerging from the Newport area of South Wales in Spring 2014, the band (in their early 20s) was formed from a long-time musical relationship between Michael Buffery (Guitars) and Alistair Morgan (Drums), with Greg Williams (Vocals & Bass) completing the line up.
The band has blended elements of classic rock and alternative music in their debut offering. This has created an EP full of ear-worms and high energy music reminiscent of Led Zeppelin, Rage Against the Machine and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Furthermore, the high paced rap and energy of “Psyck”, the anthemic choruses of “Nineteen Holes” and the Reverse Guitar solo in the outro of “Skin, Soul, Serenity” were all produced by the band in Alistair’s garage with only four microphones and minimal budget.
Taking on the ideals of musicians such as Dave Grohl, John Frusicante and Josh Homme, the EP has no digital manipulation of performances by the band, as if it was recorded live to analogue tape as in the 70s. This presents a very live, raw and honest sounding EP, and thus a unique sounding modern rock recording.
Through ‘BBC Introducing’ the band has already come to the attention of the well respected Radio Wales DJ Adam Walton who has played the track ‘Psyck’ twice on his 18th October and 2nd November shows. The band was thrilled to hear that Adam thought the track was “very excellent” and “dead, dead good”. ‘Psyck has also featured on Tom Robinson’s BBC 6 Freshonthenet Mixtape, picked as ‘track of the week’’ on the Amazing Radio Rock Show and the Wales Online Playlist
Machine Gun Artistry is available through Google Play Music, Amazon and several other digital music platforms.

Greg Williams – Vocals & Bass
Michael Buffery – Guitars & Vocals
Alistair Morgan – Drums & Percussion


Fool & His Money
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