FINGERS X’D (fingers crossed)

FINGERS X’D (fingers crossed)



Superb heavy rock band with hints of deep 90’s grunge accompanied by a modern rock sound then coupled with male and female vocals these guys really jump out at ya, reminds us of  3 Doors Down, Hurt, Hinder etc, with some awesome guitar solos and fast paced heavy beats. Vocally superb, Lyrically Supreme and the music kicks big time. A must have for any rock collection.


Mr. Brandon Welling formed the band back in the fall of 2010..It has evolved over the past 5 years and has seen band members come and go but now finally has the right group of Rock Stars ready to be unleashed on the World. With amazing lead licks to killer drum kicks they have what it takes to begin the next level of their musical Journey. FINGERS X’D have won the SuperNova battle of the bands First Round 2010 in Kingston Ont, and were awarded recording time. Which enabled them to record their first full length self titled album. They also were chosen over 100’s of bands to compete in RockQuest 2011, which was put on by The Wolf 101.5 fm. The band has been in the Top 5 Indie bands in Quinte on 91.3 Fm 91X Loyalist Radio with their song “Said & Done”. l..The Band currently has 1 full length Self Titled Album out to date. They have just recently in 2015 released 4 Brand New Tracks coming off their 2nd Full Length album they are still working on.. We are a hard working band that brings an energetic rock show every time out. There music is ready to be unleashed upon the world.. Mr. Welling always says “ We Live IT, We Love It, We Were Made 2 Rock N Roll.

BRANDON WELLING- Lead Vocals / Bass
Brandon has been singing and playing guitar almost his whole life and is a well accomplished singer/songwriter , but he has now become the band’s new Bass player. Brandon has been in many bands over the years and accomplished many things musically. Brandon is a prolific song-writer which has won him and his band at the time, the Supernova Battle Of The Bands. This has enabled Brandon to record many of his original songs. He currently has over 24 songs out and as well won the Trenton Idol Singing Competition over the 2010 summer. He is very energetic and brings life to the stage everytime he steps on it. There is no doubt Mr. Welling lives to Entertain. One of Mr. Wellings, songs “Yesterday” was selected over 1000’s of entries for THE GRATITUDE PROJECT. His song was put into a video and sent overseas to our fighting troops in support. Mr. Welling also won the Trenton Idol Singing Competition playing one of his originals he wrote for his daughter “Baby doll” .

SHANDA MOCHULLA a.k.a LADY LEE- Vocals/Tambourine

Miss Lady Lee is the second Lead Vocalist for the band and she also plays the Tambourine. She is not only Gorgeous but also very talented. Shanda has acquired eight years of choir experience. Every show she appears at they just cannot seem to get enough of this Beautiful Rock Sensation. With sheer sexiness in her voice and her jaw dropping good looks it’s no wonder she’s becoming a huge hit as a front woman.

BRIAN BALD – Guitar / Vocals

Brian has been playing guitar for about fifteen years and at only twenty years old is the young gun in the band. His main influences are Angus young from AC/DC, Eric clapton, chuck berry and his father. As being young his music career is only just beginning and he is excited to take part in Fingers X’d.


Rory hails from Toronto Ontario. He spent his teen years cutting his teeth on classic rock with some seasoned musicians. His favorite guitar players include Dave Gilmour & Zakk Wylde. Steele’s motivation with any form of music is to make it sound sweet and electrified. His playing has only two gears, ‘ON’ and ‘HIGHLY VOLATILE’.


Chris has been playing drums almost his entire life. He has been in many bands around the Quinte area but has now found his home with Fingers X’D. With a metronome for a brain, his timing is precise and always on point. Chambers’ beats bring the energy level of every song to an entire new level of rock.








FINGERS X’D (fingers crossed)
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