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Well this is very unique indeed, take Metal, Grunge, Hip Hop mix it together and this is what you get, and you know what it aint half bad at all. I love how they have pulled it off as if it was effortless. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically superb and the music is so unique its fantastic.


┬áBorn from Metal, Grunge and Hip Hop in early 2011, Fear Is Dead was composed of friends Skila (vocalist), Jacqueline Burns (guitar and bass), James Data (drums), and Moreno Brown (drums). They released their first EP, self-titled Fear Is Dead – a heavy and energetic journey of self-discovery both musically and lyrically. This EP received its share of buzz and positive reviews.
In 2013 the band released their 2nd EP, Mourning Ritual, which was a darker, more personal project. They created a music video for their reinterpretation of John Lennon’s Working Class Hero before taking a brief hiatus towards the end of 2013.
In 2014 Fear is Dead returned. Skila brought together a new group of musicians: Matt Pompeii on bass, Carlos Avelar on drums, and David English (guitar). The new line up, heavier and harder than the first incarnation, gave a fresh new sound to the NYC underground rock / metal scene. Performing in places like Knitting Factory, Paper Box, and Mercury Lounge, they showed crowds that their talent, precision, and intensity on stage is undeniable.
On Halloween October 31st 2015, they released the video for Eleutherophobia, the title track off their new 5-song EP, due for release in December 2015. Paranoid and poetic, Eleutherophobia is Fear Is Dead’s heaviest creation yet. In every aspect of their craft, Fear Is Dead is definitely a band to watch out for.







Fear Is Dead
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