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Erik Scott

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A superb solos artist/bass player singer/songwriter. The style of music is fantastic although he classes himself in the Genre new age there are many influences that stand out in his music. Both calming uplifting and vibrant, just listening puts you in that trance like state of body mind and music. Vocally Supreme, Lyrically superb and the music is just quality at its best.


An American known Bass Player/Writer/Producer for many known musicians and bands, including his own Sonia Dada. Erik was apart of the group, the hung out at the Rainbow Bar & Grill, upstairs in the loft. The regulars were Alice Cooper, Frank Zapper, Flo & Eddie and Keith Moon. If walls could talk, but Erik has some funny stories regarding that era.

After Sonia Dada took a hiatus, Erik put out his first solo album “Other Planets” in 2009, which became album of the month on Echoes radio, it was re-released in 2011. The New Age/World genre was not intensional. April, 2015 Erik released, “…and the Earth Bleeds”, not being all instrumental this time, in fact, Ana from RottViolent was asked to sing on the single “Free” and did a duet with Erik on “Loco Amour.” An Environmentally funded group called Sea Changes, is using the song Earth Bleeds making it into a video to his music. THis album received very good reviews and was played on radio.

December 2014, Spirits was released, a compilation album with instrumentals some from Other Planets and some vocal free versions from Earth Bleeds, geared to the New Age/World genre. It’s not the trance type of New Age at all. A PR person, felt this could become a Grammy nomination for World Music. Sure enough, many National and International stations are playing Spirits, great reviews coming in and charting. It became best album on One World Music and other stations.

Erik Scott
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