Supreme modern metal/power/symphonic band. After my own heart as many of you know I have a huge passion for this kind of metal and often play it on my shows. And EnkeliNation are no acceptation to the rule of pure awesomeness. Vocally supreme, Lyrically superb and the music is mind blowing. Warm seducing and captivating yet powerful fast paced and raw at the same time. A must have for any collection.


EnkeliNation (Angel Nation in English) was formed in London in 2011 by classically trained, lead singer Elina Siirala, after having moved to London, from Finland, to study. Mixing metal, rock and classical music to create something dark yet heavenly at the same time.

The early years of the band were spent developing songs and the live show by playing the London circuit including prestigious venues such as The Borderline and The Intrepid Fox in London, slowly building a loyal following, thanks to the beautiful, yet powerful songs with melodies that stay in your head.

Much of 2013 was spent working on the debut album ’Tears of Lust’. 2014 saw EnkliNation perform at Bloodstock Festival along side bands such as Lacuna Coil, Amon Amarth and the mighty Megadeth. The band also supported Van Canto at The Underworld in London and then returned to headline the Underworld themselves. On July 21st, the debut album ‘Tears of Lust’ was released. A small UK tour was done in October. Throughout November, the band had a crowd funding campaign to raise money for a 2nd music video which raised over £4,000. The video was released on 14th Feb 2015 and gained over 25,000 views in a short time. An unforgettable set was played at the Dames of Darkness festival in May and the band is due to play a few shows in Finland over the summer and then plans for working on songs for a 2nd album will be in the works



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