Elysian Gates

Elysian Gates



Superb metal band with that fantastic symphonic/power metal that every one knows I love, the female fronted vocals hit all the right notes make these guys truly stand out, one of the best I have herd in a long time. Vocally supreme, Lyrically superb and the music is just heavenly to the ears.


Biography Elysian Gates

In early summer 2010, drummer Christian Praus and guitarists Guy

Christen and Sue Scarano met singer Andy Abrantes and Thierry Sadler

(the man behind the keyboard) who were looking for musicians to perform

their creations. The combination turned perfect when Kim (ex Fast Friday)

joined to hit the bass.

In 2013, the Gates recorded their first studio album “Destination Unknown”.

Several weeks later, the band and singer Andy decided to part ways.

After month of auditions, the band considered to choose a female voice to

start a new chapter. New singer Jelena fitted perfectly into this role.

End of November 2014, their single “Northern Winds” was released in

collaboration with Sea Shepherd Luxembourg.The single hit number one in

the top 20 itunes charts all genres.





Elysian Gates
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