Really great alternative rock band  and we mean great not only are they very talented but there unique sound keeps you on the edge listening and enjoying every song. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically superb and the music is diverse, rocking and supersonic.


While Elijah Rocket doesn’t directly threaten the “status quo,” they do relish the thought of giving it a life-threatening panic attack one day.

Elijah Rocket members met while working together at the same New Orlean’s music store.

We appreciate brevity and loathe loud noises…unless we make them – then feel free to jump on the bandwagon.

Diante Carridonna (vocals/guitars) The circus ran away to join him. Believes if he drinks enough “Rock Star” he will become one. Cuts his hair strictly by the Moroccan calender. Laughs like a hyena at his own jokes.

Chad Bourg (drums) Drumming in excess of 4 decades, despite being only 22; He’s louder, faster, younger, thinner and better looking than you. Maintains his “outsider status” by being dangerously edgy yet completely huggable – simultaneously.

Elliot Newkirk (bass) Hired after a rigorous parking lot audition including a wicked game of tiddlywinks, then Frisbee. Eats only lettuce wraps and birdseed. Only band member who flatly refuses to wear a “man bun.” (also laughs at Diante’s jokes)

Brock Thornton (guitar/keys) AKA (DJ) Boogie T. Started the “man bun” hair trend. Wants to be your tantric partner/ jungle boat tour guide, when he’s not busy building an empire on Instagram. He’d like you to be his friend on Facebook too.

Elijah Rocket is currently recommended by 4 out of 5 people who recommend things.






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