Wow this young 16 year old lady knows how to sing and not just that but she is also one extremely talented singer/songwriter. Having one very powerful voice EjK is bound to please anyone. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically supreme and the music is just pure genius. This is one multi talented young girl to keep an eye on.


Ejk or Elleni Jean Kempson, Music is my life! I am a musician, singer songwriter and recording artist living on the Greek Island of Lesvos. I am 16 years old. In the last year I have shot to fame locally and across Greece. My first album “15 Years” is now available. All of the songs are written by me, the lyrics come mostly from my life experiences and observations, sometimes political. The music is mostly rock and rock ballads and includes a Greek love song. I chose to record it at Lands End studio with Robbie Ballhause in Hannover Germany. Together with some great musicians who worked under great pressure and showed amazing skill (and patience!) I wanted to keep the “real” sound of my music so I insisted upon it being a mostly live recording. Everyone agreed this was a great idea but did put all involved under a bit more pressure and added to the work load. The other amazing thing about the recording was none of us had ever played together before, the drummer hadn’t even heard most of the songs, Robbie hadn’t heard any of them! They all showed how amazingly talented they were and i think because of this we found a really fresh and unique sound. Kai Alex Stöber – Electric guitar, Bass guitar, great friend. Demos Horn – Percussion, Drums, an amazing percussionist who has a huge future. Robby Ballhause – Acoustic guitar, I began really writing songs at age of eleven which is the first song on my CD called Future, at fourteen my first famous song “pink is not a colour its an attitude” finished in the number one position after I entered it into the Beat 100 charts in March 2013. To date this song has had over 100,000 views on the internet . The publicity that came with my big win meant that I was in the national spotlight. My story was featured in many newspapers both national and local. I gave many live radio interviews and two TV interviews to national TV stations, one of which was live where i also performed my winning song. I was also given special awards by the Mayor of the island and by the head of the North Aegean education authority as I had used the publicity to highlight some of the issues facing students in Greece. Some of my newspaper articles and TV interviews can be seen here:http://www.pinterest.com/ellenisworkshop/ejk-videos-press-reports/ Since my win i have performed on stage many times both solo and with my rock group “The Reapers”. “The Reapers” have also played as support group for visiting famous groups here on the island. I am also one of the founding members of “The Siberian Hamsters” I mostly taught myself guitar starting at age 5, using the internet and soaking up small lessons from visiting musicians. I now attend a music school here on the island which has given me new opportunities to learn new skills on piano and guitar and also to work with other musicians on collaborative projects. I speak three languages fluently, Greek, English and German, and working on a fourth.http://cdbaby.com/link.










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