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Double Experience


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Double Experience, the Canadian purveyors of nerdy neo-rock, have successfully crafted their third album, “Unsaved Progress”; nine tracks devoid of the angry, lovelorn tantrums of their peers, covering everything from major-league gaming and time travel to the (Blue Oyster) cult-classic “Godzilla”. “Unsaved Progress” was recorded with the help of AL JACOB and KIT WALTERS in North Carolina and was released on April 8, 2016 and reached #6 on Canada’s National Loud Chart.

The band have learned much since spawning from the Ottawa valley on Canada Day 2011. Mere weeks of subsequent writing and recording after their formation resulted in their debut “One Big Quicksand”, produced by Jayson DeZuzio (COHEED AND CAMBRIA). During this time, Double Experience were also given the opportunity to record theme music for Legend of Thunder, a popular Machinima director with over 95 million channel views.

The critically acclaimed full-length “721835” soon followed; a continuation of their multiplayer ethic which featured guest performances by drummer Steve Bache (HE IS LEGEND) and guitarist Fred Mascherino (TAKING BACK SUNDAY). Originally released via collectible trading cards in 2013 – complete with unique characters and secret data on each card – the album was given a traditional physical and digital release on August 1, 2014.

With over 500 shows performed across 15 countries, Double Experience’s international takeover is palpable. From video game museums to tattoo conventions, their adventures have been supported by international radio, festivals and media alike, culminating with an entire nerd-rock exposé and performance on Global TV in Canada.

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Double Experience
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