Don’t Tell My Mother

Don’t Tell My Mother



Wow! now this is different, describing them selves as Indie/Pop/Punk/Alternative/Ska/Rock band is a big order to fill, but these guys seem to have found a way to do so and they do it well. Very entertaining indeed they would appeal to all music fans young and old as there’s something for everyone. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically superb and the music is kick ass. These guys unique style gives them an advantage over other bands in the modern world of today, Check them out they wont disappoint.


An Indie/Pop/Punk/Alternative/Ska/Rock band from Southern Ontario
Front man Jacob Dunning from Burlington Ontario along with Kitchener natives Burt Brothers Matt and Nick and I, Zack McVannel make up this band that has been making headway in southwestern Ontario over the past year. Formerly know as Keep The Change, we are in the process of changing the band name to Don’t Tell My Mother.

It was once said by Jack White that, “there aren’t many things left that haven’t already been done, especially with music. I’m interested in ideas that can shake us all up”. Don’t Tell My Mother is a band that likes to explore numerous genres, new sounds, and any/every small venue across southern Ontario. Us guys in Don’t Tell My Mother try to do all the “shaking up” we can with new music.

With lyrics written and sung by Jacob Dunning, the electric guitar and woodwind styling of Matthew Burt, the rhythmic expertise provided by Nick Burt, and the bright-sounding bass tones output from (my) Zack McVannel’s bass, Don’t Tell My Mother provides a sound unfamiliar to the music scene in southern Ontario. Originating in Bayfield, Ontario, the band enjoys playing all original music touching on many genres (and of course playing your favourite covers by bands from the 90s).

Don’t Tell My Mother started very small in a backyard shed where the members could experiment with their love of music and grow as a group. Since 2010, the group has grown immensely cranking out 25+ original songs, attending regular shows, and even contributing with a micro-foundation donating food and money raised from not-for-profit iTunes sales, and annual “donation at the door” events.

We are forever grateful to all of the fans that attend our shows, to all of those who enjoy listening to our music, and of course to those who had taken the time to help us give back in every way we can. Jack White is right, there isn’t a lot that hasn’t already been done in music. But if we don’t try to do that very thing while having fun all at the same time, then it just won’t be music anymore.



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Don’t Tell My Mother
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