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Dirty Palace



Fantastic alternative jazzy punk rock band and very unique indeed. Seems like a strange mix? but hey im all for experimental sounds any day and these guys are proof that almost anything can be done. Very good listening in fact and I don’t think they would disappoint any rock/punk fan. They have that old school British sound that millions loved back in the 70’s 80’s yet they have revived it with the ultra modern beats of today. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically brilliant and the music is just ace.


London’s DIRTY PALACE are something that really shouldn’t work. The subtlety and improvised nature of jazz presented with a fierceness and youthful urgency that is by definition punk.

The contradiction is there but they embrace it.All from differing backgrounds, – Dan Tun (vox, guitar), JR Brown (guitar, vox), Glenn Oborne (bass) and Baz Khan (drums, vox) – all share the ideals that trickle out in their music. Part charming pop sensibilities/ part no-nonsense DIY pure noise/ part head down fists up rock, these boys create the kind of racket that could easily fit into so many eras of musical history.

From London and NYC in the 70’s & 80s, artists like The Adverts, The Clash, Richard Hell and Sonic Youth to the more polished eras of 90’s Britpop with Blur, the American indie rock of Guided by Voices and the early 2000’s garage rock of The Strokes and The Libertines which they grew up on. All of that being said, DIRTY PALACE seem to have no interest in being preoccupied with the past and are firmly rooted, eyes set on the present and future.With the release of their summer 2015’s DEMOTAPE, Dirty Palace have spent the time since working on their live shows, recording techniques and songwriting. The DEMOTAPE itself was recorded, mixed and mastered over the course of a week or so by the band themselves in a controlled chaos that typifies them. Everything is done by them with the intention of doing as much as possible with as little as possible, capturing the energy and vim of the moment rather than aiming for calculated perfection.

The DIRTY PALACE have worked effortlessly on developing their original tracks into either heavy or soft melodic numbers also, I had the opportunity to witness a live show at the legendary ’93 feet east’. Full of energy with fast paced punk rock and a frontman who knows how to entertain and hook a crowd, crisp harmonies, bouncy rhythms portraying that DIRTY PALACE can confidently entertain a big crowd.
Far from satisfied with what they’ve so far done, DIRTY PALACE are making the effort to push on, learn from and listen to every experience they’ve had and make what comes from it better. In a musical landscape that is about “now” as much as it is nostalgic, Dirty Palace are putting the pieces in place to take advantage of this indecisiveness and leave their own little mark on musical history.



Dirty Palace
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